Accessing the MLB Stats API with baseballr (Video)

Decided to try something new and record a code through featuring some lesser known functions in the baseballr package. The video foused on various functions for pulling data from MLB’s offical stats API, including probable pitchers, batting orders, and non-pitch events like pick-offs and mound visits. [Read More]
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Leveraging US Census Data in BigQuery

I’ve been using Google’s cloud services more and more, specifically BigQuery. Besides the speed of queries and the simple API integration for different languages, like R, BigQuery makes available a large number of public data sets that come in quite handy. Here’s a quick guide to leveraging some of the... [Read More]
Tags: census, BigQuery, SQL, geocoding, ACS

Building Statlines Over Custom Date Ranges with baseballr and Statcast Data

baseballr has provided two functions to pull statlines for players over custom date ranges, daily_batter_bref and daily_pitcher_bref. Unfortunately, Baseball-Reference has made some underlying changes to the feature that produces the data for those functions and I am not sure they will be salvageable any time soon. [Read More]
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